Start 2022 in style that makes a statement with three new designs!

For the critical thinkers out there, I know you’ll appreciate the NON GMO shirts….keep corporate DNA out of your body! It won’t be long before the patent owners decide they own anyone with their DNA in them too ala Monsanto vs. organic farmers.

Feeling a little fuzzy after all those cookies and indoor air? The FOCUS shirt is a great reminder to take a deep breath (preferably outdoors) and focus on what matters to you most. We’re living in chaotic times, so a little focus goes a long way.

This one is a personal favourite – time for PUNK to make a comeback! I don’t necessarily mean the loud rock music and wardrobe extremes, but it’s about time for a new generation to pick up the tenets of true punk and make a stand for the future of humanity. Long live all the PUNK warriors out there!!! Be brave, be strong, be kind, and REBEL! (Totally awesome high-top sneakers coming soon! )